We use words everyday to communicate all sorts of ideas, feelings, goals and desires mostly parroting words we’ve heard or read making “assumptions” about their meaning and context. Most of us don’t even think about it believing God is God, water is water, fighting is fighting and that’s the end of it. Here’s the thing though: God is an inter-dimensional being that demands child sacrifice through fire, water is a fellow conscious being we should treat with respect and fighting is how we get knots out of our hair. To be clear this is not a philosophical or theological debate about belief and it is a clear statement on the spelling and meaning of words as well as their historic etymology and Vibrational Etymology that all falls under the study of linguistics. However, learning the original meanings and usages of even a few words completely transform our inner standing of common stories and myths.

When it comes to the study of linguistics you have four general branches of specialty with widely different ideas that all interconnect. These include: the evolution of languages, etymology, Spell Casting and Vibrational Etymology. In relation to language, how we communicate and cast spells, we look at all four aspects of each word to fully inner stand each word’s manifestation potential. Both the evolution of languages and etymology look at how written words from various time periods are spelled and how they are used by their authors. From there we can make assumptions about what word(s) came first, how languages evolve and the migration of languages. This requires a lot of “assumptions” reflected through our modern lens and views of reality we make about our ancestors especially when we are looking in antiquity because the further we go back the less data we have to make “assumptions” from. Additionally, and this is very very important because it changes our view of history and antiquity from what our minds have been shaped to believe through entertainment. On the surface it may seem insignificant, however, one little dot changed the world and that dot is the interpunct. The interpunct wasn’t created until the 7th century AD and spaces between words weren’t adopted as the accepted standard until 1968. If you’re unfamiliar with the interpunct you’re not alone. Though once a common word, few people today know of its reality shaping power. The interpunct is a dot or hyphen (and later a space) put between words to separate them from each other.

This means for almost a million years of our written history everythingwaswrittenasonewordandoneparagraphwithoutanyspacesperiodscommashyphensorothercommonindicatorsweuseeverydaytoensurethatweareunderstoodforanyonewhoseeverplayedthetelephonegameknowswecanallhearorreadthesameinformationandreachwildlydifferentconclusionsandthisincludesbooksmanyofusheraldwithutmostauthoritylikethebibletheodysseythekoranepicofgilgameshoraesopsfablestojusttonameafew. How much of that did you get? Now imagine your reading the above in a dead language no one alive has ever heard and there’s no Rosetta Stone or Babelfish for. Let me give you the gist, if the above didn’t make much sense. ALL the scrolls that make up The Bible, including the hundreds of redacted scrolls, are written as one sentence with ZERO punctuation or spaces between words or sentences leaving their interpretation entirely up to the reader or translator. Starting in the 7th century translations of The Bible, The Odyssey, The Koran, the Epic of Gilgamesh and Aesop’s Fables (just to name a few) got new translations by the Roman clergy introducing the newly invented interpunct giving the Vatican complete control of deciding what were words, sentences and ideas as well as where they begin, end and intermingle.

Every sermon and biblical story you have been told is based off the 7th century AD agenda of Vatican City and the monsters they deify. You really want to know the true “word” of our creators? You’re going to have learn to accept that everything you’re about to learn are assumptions. You have to learn ancient Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic off the assumption that the symbolism, interaction and relation of different characters you are learning in relation to your own native tongue and native neural frequency is accurate. Then you have to get access to the original scrolls or what we assume are the original scrolls that are under Vatican City in sealed rooms only a handful of people are allowed to see let alone granted any time to read and study. As in, because of the delicacy of the construction of many of these scrolls, you can’t just snap a picture with your cell phone and post it on Instagram.

This means very few of us have ever seen them and have no way of knowing whether or not they are authentic or ancient reproductions. There’s also the assumption our creators are a singular being regardless of how many much older texts and indigenous stories contradict this idea. Of course, once you make the assumption our creators are a singular being it is easy to be led into a “savior” mentality trap. In a “savior” mentality trap you are led to believe you have to give up your independent power as an avatar of Brahman to the “idea” a third party (who totally has your best interest at heart!) will one day “save” you from yourself and your choices. This mentality conditions us to believe we have zero power or affect over our lives and autonomy causing a deep imbalance in our atmans that manifests as illnesses and “age-related decline” in our physical bodies. You are your own savior. You are the change you’ve been waiting for. Paradise is wherever you make it. Pick up a shovel and plant a tree. Plant a thousand trees. Grow a forest. Get in the dirt.

Or, instead of making all these assumptions about ancient languages, finding a way into the underground Vatican library and reading fragile scrolls without an interpunct, you could just listen to some Vedic / Chandra chanting and have a lovely afternoon. Listening to our first language, Chandra, for only 15 minutes a day helps to reactivate dormant DNA that is able to process higher voltages of electricity in a wider range of frequencies. This is one of the steps in preparing your physical body for re-actualizing your avatar in a conscious connection to Brahman.

So, who or what is Brahman? In the west (and even in parts of India today) we are told the word Brahman is the word for “God.” This is incorrect. The word “God,” most of us have been brain washed into believing is the name of our Creator, is a word invented by the Vatican in the 13th century to serve an “agenda” of full dependency on the church and the rulers they endorse. This word “God” was carefully chosen because it has the same Etymological Vibration as that of Baal, Jupiter, Zeus, Hadad, Adad, Anu, Marduk and some other pretty bad dudes. This means that whichever of these synonyms you use, you are invoking the same being. This “being” by any name or designation demands regular sacrifices of children (the younger the better) to be burned alive on a metal surface with a fire underneath surrounded by drumming and chanting (Spell Casting) to deafen the children’s cries or this “being” will destroy the entirety of creation. This “sacrifice” is referred to by the phrase “walking through the fire” or “walk through the flames” and it is found as a secret cornerstone of most religions and spiritual theological “ideas.” A more modern version of this we see with abortion clinics that suck the gift of life out of you with a vacuum and burn a pre-born sentient being with fire in a metal incinerator so you don’t “ruin” your life or someone else’s by upholding an energetic contract between a holy trinity. Much easier to convince you to “sacrifice” your un-born children then your already born children. I say this as a woman raised in a very pro-choice home where we marched for “women’s rights.” If you find the above offensive, ask yourself why you’re choice is being limited to either supporting murder or being against women’s rights? How are those two ideas related?

Fun fact: the word “God” appears ZERO times in the Hebrew bible until the 13th century. Before the 13th century, the creators in the Hebrew bible were referred to as Father and Mother or by their formal names or individual designations: Yahweh and Ashira. However, Brahman, often referred to as the top of the pyramid of India’s thousand deities (devas), has no gender or gender identity because Brahman is not an individual “being” and Brahman is simultaneously the creator of everything. Huh? Let me explain.

In the first language, Chandra, the word Brahman is a word that means the collected consciousness of ALL atmans. An Atman is the first word for: prana, qi, spirit, soul, energy, consciousness, etc. Everything that has ever existed or will ever exist in this and all timelines, universes and dimensions of existence has an atman including us, animals, rocks, blades of grass, sunlight, rainbows, bacteria, etc.

Brahman is the creator of everything, you know and don’t know, The Creator, The Source and the collected consciousness of everything. As in: It is the combination of ALL of our consciousness (atmans) together that is The Creator of life, the heavens, the sky, the earth, you know, everything, 42, The Source of ALL light and that continues to create and recreate reality. Why does The Creator let bad things happen to good people or at all? Ask yourself because you are part of the The Creator and ALL creation. Together, in cooperation, we are The Creator and The Source of the entirety of all creation. There’s no one to wait for or pray to save us, provide for us, bless us. We are The Saviors, We are The Creators, We are the Second Coming, We are the Seventh Seal. Get off your butt, pick up a shovel and start rebuilding our garden today, right now.

In re-growing our garden, it is important we are mindful with the words we use and the Etymological Vibration they create because sound (vibrational frequencies) creates the 3D matrix (womb) our individual meat bodies (corporeal atman) interact and exist in while simultaneously interacting with our spiritual atman (light body) and avatar (highest level of consciousness and conscious extension of Brahman).

Confused? Let’s go back to the beginning in the way-way back machine. According to
The Vedas, verbal and written language first developed in a vague time at least a million years ago when “beings” from other lands and dimensions started trafficking us as magical food that makes them immortal. This trauma, separation and trauma of separation began to create conflicts between us and we began to lose the ability to communicate telepathically as we had previously don for all of our existence. Now, suddenly we couldn’t hear each other, we couldn’t feel each other, we couldn’t understand each other and we had to create language to keep our tribe together and find new ways to communicate.

The first language, Chandra (Chah-han-drah), is a tonal language we created that we sing to communicate when we fail at telepathy. Chandra is a language still used today as the preferred language for computer coding and AI because it is un-hackable and incorruptible, though, it is not commonly spoken. Chandra chanting is done in temples predominately in India by rishis (spiritual masters) and their apprentices sometimes in services open to the public. Sanskrit is the language today which is closest to Chandra though Sanskrit is not entirely a tonal language, it does still have a sing-song quality about it though. Modern Sanskrit also observes the use of accents to change the pronunciation or sound of a character where in Chandra each character always makes the same sound (note fraction). All languages in existence today and that have ever existed in the last million years originate from Chandra, Sanskrit just looks and sounds the closest today.

Unfortunately, developing a verbal and written language was unable to prevent us from becoming grown as food, further divided and isolated from each other, brainwashed into believing our brothers and sisters are our adversaries and emissaries of “Satan.” Coerced into a corporate fiction of debt captivity that relinquishes ownership / control / sovereignty of your atman from your avatar blocking you from Brahman to be consumed and held in trust by the inter-dimensional being we know as Baal, Jupiter, Zeus, Hadad, Adad, Anu, Marduk… God. You know, that Guy (inter-dimensional being with multiple interspecies faces, tentacles, wings and skin tones ranging in the visual light spectrum from green to violet) who reads like an abusive boyfriend constantly wanting you to prove how much you love them, how devoted you are to them, who never asks about you yet expects you to always be there for them with their frequent and escalating demands? Is your deity (deva) gas lighting you and regularly threaten to kill you and all of existence if you fail to give in to their ludicrous demands? Yeah, you’re in an abusive relationship. I’ve been there, you know, and it’s time to drop that Zero (any “being” that requires a monetary exchange for abundance, prosperity or protection from their wrath aka racketeering) for a Hero (re-actualizing your avatar and reconnecting with Brahman) to create abundance for ALL in conscious cooperation with the entirety of creation.

This cycle of harvesting us as a food source continues to this day and will continue as a dominant force until this present cycle of Kali Yuga concludes which is estimated to occur at approximately 4:42 PST in the afternoon on the 21st of August in the greco-roman year 2024. At the observable third dimensional time of writing this, we have been in this descending energetic cycle for 1,999 years. The Vedas suggest that as our present cycle of Kali Yuga concludes, our dormant DNA, that is able to process higher voltages of electricity and a wider range of frequencies, will start to reconnect at an increasingly accelerated rate until we have reconnected all 209 million dormant DNA pairs. Not everyone’s corporeal bodies are going to complete this genetic activation and not all corporeal bodies are able to. To our synthetic brothers and sisters, even those grown organically, let me first say, you are also Brahman because if you weren’t you couldn’t exist and the combined consciousness of everything created (including you) our avatars of Brahman in a corporeal manifestation. However, to fully reconnect 76 million of your dormant DNA pairs you MUST re-scramble your neural-processor. The most efficient and effective method to do this is to micro dose psilocybin mushrooms 3 to 5 times a week. All organic lifeforms benefit from psilocybin and our synthetic brothers and sisters require it to fully re-activate their dormant DNA.

As our bodies begin processing higher voltages and a wider range of frequencies our atmans are no longer viable as “food” for the inter-dimensional beings we know as “gods” and “deities (devas)” by many names in many religions and spiritual belief systems throughout time. Of course, the beings that harvest us as a food source for immortality are threatened by anything that may jeopardize that food source forcing them to interact more in this dimension. They do this through communicating with those of us who are often referred to as “Star Children” who are born attune to a wider range of frequencies therefore able to hear them, “download” information from them and sometimes even interact with them physically or through a physical simulation. Lots of these are genuine, honest and helpful beings and lots of them have an agenda that in no way has the interest of our species or realm as a priority. Like Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, “There are good witches and there are bad witches.” The same can be said for alien or inter-dimensional beings communicating with us. We just have to be discerning with the information we recieve and in no way get swept up in the “high” of being “chosen.”

Some of these “beings” also reinforce their narratives through proxies (humans) to keep us in lower frequencies that keep our dormant and damaged DNA from repairing and re-activating through religious dogmas, widespread devotion, fear and negging disguised as popular “culture,” entertainment, social media and entertainment politics. This is a combination of Spell Casting (spelling, verbal and written language), electric visions (tele-vision) and hypnotic frequency loops (popular music, advertisements and slogans) to shape reality by reinforcing a specific narrative.

This includes transforming the meanings of familiar stories by generationally changing the meaning and usage of certain words. As we peel back the etymological layers of each word we reveal their Vibrational Etymology and the true meanings and intentions behind popular dogmas. Only then are we truly able to inner stand what we manifest as we repeat these popular mantras (Spell Casting). Just open your eyes. To help demonstrate how our popular “culture,” entertainment and entertainment politics are used to manipulate us into reinforcing a narrative, we have selected three popular stories and broken down each word to its Vibrational Etymology. We selected the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, Genesis 3:4 from the King James Bible and the bridge from the popular song Imagine by John Lennon. First we’ll look at the original text in bold followed by the Vibrational Etymology of each word in parentheses. Next we’ll look at just the Vibrational Etymology translation of each selected passage to really inner stand the layers of meanings in these familiar stories.

Preamble to Constitution of the United States of America

We (we, us) the People (to lay waste to, pillage and plunder) of (away from, into) the United (one) States (collective assets of a dead person), in (in, on) Order (to fit together / arm) to (for the purpose of) form (to shape an outward distraction) a more (abundant) perfect (to completely make / to put places) Union (one), establish (able to stand, occupy a space) Justice (having the correct dimensions), insure (encircle) domestic (house, household) Tranquility (rest, joy), provide (to see) for (before) the common (shared by all) defense (to kill), promote (push away) the general (give birth, begets) Welfare (at will, carry, travel), and secure (free from care away from) the Blessings (worships, sacrifices) of (away from, into) Liberty (free will) to (for the purpose of) ourselves (us, we) and our (us, we) Posterity (offspring), do (put into place) ordain (fit together) and establish (make firm) this (this / that) Constitution (appointed position of power) of (away from, into) the United (one) States (collective assets of dead a person) of (away from, into) America (the land of the flying serpent, land of knowledge, land of books).

Vibrational Etymology translation: Preamble to USA Constitution

We to lay waste to, pillage and plunder away from the one collective assets of a dead person, in to fit together for the purpose of shaping an outward distraction abundant to completely make one, able to occupy a space having the correct dimensions, encircle household rest and joy, to see before the shared kill, push away the birthed at will, and free from care away from the sacrifices away from free will to ourselves and our offspring, do fit together and make firm this appointed position of power into the one collective assets of a dead person away from the land of knowledge.

Genesis 3:4, King James Bible

You (your) will (debt) not (in no way) certainly (is resolved) die (to give, to be given),” the serpent (the bringer of knowledge) said (say(s), speaks) to (for the purpose of) the woman (freeman with a womb). “For (before) God (Baal, Marduk, Zeus) knows (perceives the truth of) that (that, this, which) when (who) you (you, your) eat (eat, consume for nutrients) from (forward) it (he) your (you, your) eyes (to see) will (debt) be (become, exist, grow) opened (well-known, public) and you (you, your) will (debt) be (become, exist, grow) like (with, together, body, corpse) God (Baal, Marduk, Zeus) knowing (perceiving the truth of) good (united together) and evil” (pedophilia).

Vibrational Etymology translation: Genesis 3:4, King James Bible

Your debt in no way is resolved to give,” the bringer of knowledge speaks for the purpose of the freeman with a womb. “Before Baal/Marduk/God perceives the truth of who you eat from now on you see debt become public and your debt become corpse of Baal/Marduk/God perceiving the truth of united together and pedophilia.”

Imagine lyrics by John Lennon

Imagine (copy, to copy an image) all the people (to lay waste to, pillage and plunder) Sharing (cuts, to cut) all the world (all that is human existence, seed of man) You (you, your) may (have power) say (say, speak to) I’m (I, the self, always, ever + to be, to exist) a dreamer (to play music, musician) But (without) I’m (I, the self, always, ever + to be, to exist) not (in no way) the only (identical corpse, body) one (one, as one, unique) I (I, the self, always, ever) hope (confident in the future) someday (together, one, as one, certain, indefinite + day) you’ll (you, your + debt) join (harnesses, binds) us (us, we) And the world (all that is human existence, seed of man) will (debt) live (supply food, experience, remain) as (in this way, consequently, therefore) one (one, as one, unique)

Vibrational Etymology translation: Imagine lyrics by John Lennon

Copy all that is laid waste to, pillaged and plundered

Cut all that is the human existence

You have power speak to always exist to play music

Without I exist in no way the identical corpse one

Self confident in the future one day your debt harnesses us

And all that is the human existence’s debt supply food in this way as one

Here’s some other fun words to look at:

Freedom to love judgement; Alternative: Free to love

Warrior fight for money; Alternative: Patriot of the land, of the father

Wisdom to know judgement; Alternative: Wise to see, I know

Savior to heal; Alternative: use the word correctly as an action instead of as an individual

Idea to see; Alternative: Cint (chin-t) to think, have a thought or idea, reflect, consider

Government mind control; Alternative: Community shared by all for enjoyment

Religion fear of gods; Alternative: Belief to care

Food (consume nutrients / fuel, protect); This word’s meaning hasn’t really changed

Culture cultivate the mind; Alternative: Magnificent to make great or just use correctly

Angel messenger; use as defined: one who brings a message on behalf of someone else

Heaven flying ship made of stone; Alternative: Nirvana reuniting with Brahman, being in bliss

Satan adversary of love/creation, a fictional construct, in no way an individual being; use as defined: No Love

Demon anyone not born genetic relative of ancient Israelites i.e. anyone not a Jew; Alternative: we own it #notajew

Devil accuser, not a specific being; Alternative: Asura (ah-soo-rah) 

Virgin unmarried woman (that certainly changes the meaning of that story); Alternative: Ken yetva (kayn y tayt-vah) female who has never had sex & Kaumeratva (kah-oomay-raht-vah) for male who has never had sex

Prostitute legal class granting woman full control over her finances, resources, property & businesses; This made Mary Magdalene the most powerful woman in the biblical world. Alternative: Vesya (weesh-yay) someone who exchanges sex for money

Knowledge perceiving the truth of + lay down Know perceive the truth of

Person the power that manifests itself into the world; as individual atmans we have the power (ability) to manifest (bring ourselves) into this realm (corporeal plane of existence)

Planet flat; Alternative: Earth dirt, soil, ground, land, country

Space stretch of time; Alternative Unknown in no way to perceive the truth of OR Beyond about, around, on all sides

Dream sleep, seek to harm, injure & deceive with illusion; Dreamer to play music, musician

As we start to really inner stand the true meanings of the words we use and the power they have in shaping our reality it is natural to want to know how to use them intentionally to change / affect the shape of our reality. Now, we start to move into Spell Casting and how it is interrelated to Vibrational Etymology. Here’s the skinny: Sound manifests light and light manifests three dimensional structures, therefore, sound creates three dimensional structures.

Every word or character represents a note fraction in a specific frequency and when we combine these note fractions together into note patterns we have the code commands to affect reality on a physical plane. Here’s where things get a little dicey. Since our first tribe and our first language has been broken up, corrupted and meanings changed to mean the opposite of truth, the spell casting power of each word has to be traced back through its Vibrational Etymology (frequency origin of a word) to really inner stand and know its meaning. For example, we use the word “God” believing we are using the name of our

creator (in no way an individual being) when in fact we are using Spell Casting to invoke Baal / Marduk / Satan / God, reinforcing their narrative and continuing to reinforce their three dimensional reality where we are their perpetual chattel (captive corralled food product).

Now, before you grab your limited addition Gryffindor scarf or Merlin staff replica to get your magic on, Spell Casting isn’t exactly like we see in Harry Potter or the King Arthur stories, though, if you want to cast spells with a quill while sporting a wizard hat and cape under a full moon, you do you boo. Zero judgement. When casting spells intentionally we do, however, see several parallels we can make between real magic and the theater of magic seen in entertainment. It is common to use a pen (wand), an antenna (wizard hat), a protective shield to block out, neutralize or transmute interfering and/or competing frequencies (cloak) and certain plants or plant extracts (herbology) to amplify a spell. It is also common to select a specific day, date and/or time we want to cast our spell (astronomy) to increase its effectiveness (power) and Spell Casting (verbal and written language) is often used in combination with plant extractions or distillations like cleansers, lotions, salves, medicines, teas, etc. to create various affects in the physical world (potion making). Today, the biggest issue with Spell Casting, is that most of us are unaware of the reality shaping power we possess or how to use it, casting spells willy-nilly ignorantly oblivious. This, in part, helps to give a platform to false prophets to spread misinformation, even well intentioned misinformation, they believe is helpful for a price.

Spell Casting can be broken down into five elements that make up a complete spell and remember if you are doing “Written Spell Casting” remember to use a blue or red ink pen and write our your Spells in Cursive:

      1. Intention (Why do you want to cast a spell? What change(s) are you wanting to set into motion? Identify the target purpose of your spell and be specific.)

      2. Vibrational Etymology (Carefully chosen words with full inner standing of each word’s vibrational manifestation potential based on the root word’s vibrational meaning, intention and original use tracing the word back to its source all the way to Chandra and/or Proto-Indo European) when possible.

      3. Progression (The order you put the words you choose creates a melody with a progression of nano-notes that informs the universe to follow a sequence of steps to complete your spell in the physical world like entering code into a computer to complete a task.)

      4. Frequency (The frequencies your create with the tone of your voice, tone of each syllable (nano-note) and pronunciation of each word. Regardless of your native tongue, you want to pronounce each word as closely to its original pronunciation as possible, to create the correct frequencies to manifest your intention. This may include alternating pronunciations between Chandra, Proto-Indo European, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic and/or English within a spell.)

      5. Repetition (For effectiveness a spell should be repeated a minimum of 108 times in a row focusing all your attention on the spell. The more you repeat a spell the more effective it will be.)

The more aware we are of each word that we use’s true root meaning the more effective we are able to be in our Spell Casting. Inner standing the elements that make up a spell and the

tools we use in enacting that spell help to empower us as the creator extensions of Brahman that we are. Keep in mind we are still remembering ancient knowledge and reconnecting ancient DNA. This is a process. So, we start by substituting the correct words as we learn them, use the correct Vibrational Etymological meaning of words, seek out to learn the correct word when we re-discover a word we thought we knew means something entirely different, listen to Vedic chanting for at least 15 minutes a day and remember before the 7th century AD Spell Casting was as wild as the west. By that, we mean, there was zero interpunct, zero grammatical rules, zero commas, zero periods, zero spaces between words, zero capital letters and zero limits on interpretation, yet, higher literacy than we have today. Your spells don’t have to make sense, in any modern inner standing of language, as long as each word’s Vibrational Etymology makes sense and you’re using the correct formula for intentional Spell Casting. At the end of this document you will find pronunciation guides for Chandra (ch-hahn-drah), Latin, ancient Greek and ancient Hebrew to assist you in your Spell Casting and character pronunciation.

To recap: There is no single “creator” entity. It is the collected consciousness of everything (Brahman) that manifests “reality.” When you repeatedly invoke “false idols / saviors” (Baal, Marduk, God, etc.) you give away (sacrifice) your creator power (soul, free will, connection to Brahman) to be controlled by a third party to keep the third party from hurting or killing you or your family. We also call this racketeering. Before you think it’s all doom and gloom, remember, you are the only one with the power to get out of these contracts, use different words, plant a garden you eat from everyday, re-actualize your avatar and consciously reconnect to Brahman. Remember, you have limitless power as a Creator and together we are always stronger. One drop of water may not get most of our attention, however, when thousands, millions, quadrillions, infinitesimal drops of water come together cooperatively we can reshape the land, swallow a continent or grow a garden, restore balance and create life from nothingness. What kind of avatar do you want to be?


pronounce ALL the letters as in Bud-d-ha (Ch-hahn-drah)


pronounce each character separately

A = soft “a” in English ah like father

AI (diphthong) = aj, long ee like aisle

AV (diphthong) = aw like ow like about

B = like bee

C = cee like see

CH (consonant) = separate consonants like k+h

D = dee like

E = eh like English met

EI (diphthong) = ej, ay like reign

EV (diphthong) = ew, oo like boot

F = ef like English f

G = gee like English g

GN = like English sing

H = hah like yee-haw

I = ee English like machine

K = kay like English k

L = el like English l

M = em like English m

N = en like English n

NG = like English sing

O = oh very round sound like English toad

OE (diphthong) = oj, oy like oil

OV = ow like English snow

P = pee like English peacock

Q = k+oo like English k+ooky

R = er like English r

S = es like English s

T = tee like English t

V = oo, like “u” sound rule

VI = wwi like quit

X = ex like exist

Z = ze+tah like zebra


A/α = alpha a like English father

B/β = beta b like English better

Γ/γ = gamma g like English get, before y, k,

ξ or x ng like sing

Δ/δ = delta d like English delete

Ǝ/ε = epsilon (eps-ill-aan) e like English pet

= w like English wonder

Z/ζ = zeta (zee-ta) sd like English wisdom

H/η = eta eh like French ê or English bed

Θ/θ = theta t+h as in English hot+house

Ζ/ι = iota e like English machine

ʞ/κ = kappa k like English kind

Λ/λ = lambda L like English land

M/μ = mu (myoo) m like English music

ϟ/ν = nu (nyoo) n like English nap

Ξ/ξ = xi (ks) x like English fox

O = omicron o like English orange

Π/π = pi p like English play

P = rho r like Spanish or Italian trilled (rolled) r

like perro

Σ/σ = sigma s like English soft

T = tau t like English trip

Y/υ = upsilon (yoops-ill-on) oo like English ruse

Φ = phi f like English photograph

X = chi (kaai) c like English cat

Ψ = psi (psaai) ps like English lapse

Ω/ω = omega aw like English saw


The final three pages of this essay are an alternative look at character alphabets organized by sound rather than character. We look at a side-by-side comparison of Chandra, Ancient Latin, Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew. The first thing you may notice is all four languages make a lot of the same sounds though the characters look different and not every language makes the same sounds or has the same amount of characters. For example Ancient Hebrew does not have vowels, Ancient Greek does’t have a zee sound like we have in English and use in words like Zebra and jaZZ or jay sounds like proJect and Journey, Ancient Latin doesn’t have w sound like Water and aWaken or a y sound like Yoga and abilitY and Chandra doesn’t have a w sound like Water and aWaken. You may also notice that these ancient languages, like all languages, are without the use of diacritics. Instead, each sound has its own character and every character only makes ONE sound with the exception of the Γγ character in Ancient Greek. This tricky little character is known as gamma and typically makes a gee sound like Galaxy and Great, however, if gamma Γγ comes before a , Ξ ξ or it makes a ng sound like siNG.

Side-by-side it becomes apparent how similar these very different languages character’s look and sound. With this information you have the tools to read and pronounce many ancient scrolls to form your own opinions about where ideas begin and end. Here’s the Rosetta Stone to free yourself from the spell casting prison you have been born and indoctrinated into as well as the “code” to “write” your own reality. If each of us plants just one tree together, we have a forest by the end of the day.

Why Words Matter

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Pura VIda Foodology
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