The Basics

We call it “The Basics" and our clients call it a guide to immortality. Previously, only available by private consultation.

Adopting An Attitude of Gratitude

Rewire your brain to prioritize positive memories and experiences with this simple and FREE practice that takes less than 5 minutes a day.

Turpentine Therapy

Learn this hidden little secret of the ancients for a healthy vibrant life

One Day Liver Flush

Get rid of liver, kidney and gallstones in one day pain free with this flush made from 3 simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen

Jab Detox Extended

All the information from our Jab Detox with extended information about how we Detox, Neutralize, Block and Rebuild as well as ongoing Everyday Care

Jab Detox

If you have had the jab or any vaccine ever, repair your immunological systems with this simple simple free detox plan

How To Get Rid Of PCOS

A simple guide to innerstanding Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome including what causes it, how to get rid of it and eliminate symptoms naturally by treating the cause. PCOS is a real thing, you don't have to suffer in pain anymore and it is easier to heal and restore your fertility than you think.

All About Poop

No one wants to talk about their poop or hear about someone else's but we do and with this easy downloadable PDF you can learn about your health by being aware of your fecal matter, what it means and what to do about it.

Pura VIda Foodology
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