Apple Tartlets

An apple a day does keep the doctor away so make yours a fresh Apple Tartlet with apple chunks, cinnamon and spices sweetened with sucanat in super easy flaky gluten free crust that actually boosts your brain function and your immune system

Blueberry Lavender Tartlets

Fresh blueberries and lavender sweetened with sucanat make a creamy rich no-bake tartlet on a no-bake crust make a super antioxidant dessert that boosts your immune system and helps remove heavy metals

Chocolate Tartlets

Rich creamy decadent no-bake Chocolate Tartlets made with real raw cacao powder and B-corp soy milk sweetened with sucanat on a no-bake hand-press crust might taste like a sin but with all 9 essential amino acids this tartlet doubles as breakfast

Kiwi Tartlets

No-bake key lime pie with plant-cream cheese sweetened with sucanat on no-bake hand-press crust topped with lightly sweet lightly tart fresh kiwi sauce

Mixed Berry Tartlets

Super antioxidant gluten-free tartlets full of fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries sweetened with sucanat boosts your immune system while helping remove heavy metals

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