Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment


Passed down for hundred of years this powerful little ointment heals skin on a topical and molecular level using only the best Organic GMO-free medical-grade ingredients. With regular use the Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment heals your skin while also leaving it silky soft. Pick up a jar of Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment and let your scars fade away…


Boo-Boo Ointment has been passed down from medicine woman to medicine woman for hundreds of years. In 2000 I was entrusted to be one of the custodians of this powerful formula.

So what does Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment do?

Boo-Boo Ointment is used topically to heal damaged skin on a molecular level. Whether you want to erase scars or stretch marks, recover from surgery, treat severe burns, cuts, lacerations or skin cancer this powerful little cream is made by hand in small batches using all-natural Organic ingredients.

The first time I saw this powerful ointment in action the medicine woman I was apprenticing with applied it to a young woman with 5th degree burns from her chin to her groin. The patient was given this ointment to take home with her and apply 6 to 7 times a day or whenever her skin felt dry. Within a month and a half this young woman was back in a bikini healed from 5th degree burns with zero scaring just from applying this powerful ointment several times a day. After witnessing the power of this Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment in action it has been a staple in my medical bag

As a custodian of this powerful ointment the recipe is proprietary and not mine to share, however, I am happy to share this powerful ointment made from Organic, GMO free, medical grade essential oils with Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Organic Beeswax. Your Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment comes in a reusable 3oz MIRON violetglass container to protect the Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment from harmful light as well as protecting and revitalizing the Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment’s potency.

The Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment is also available as a liquid.

Reuse your MIRON violetglass container and order a refill. Just boil the pouch in water until the contents melt then cut, pour and allow to cool.


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