Learn about key concepts of Foodology with these fun Matching & Pairing Games

including Symptoms of Aging, Medications Made From Plants and Setting Up Your Foodology Kitchen. Can you get them all?

Symptoms Of Aging

Can you match all 13 Symptoms Of Aging with the deficiency that causes that symptom of aging

Steps Of Detoxing

Match a Step Of Detoxing with what that step does for your body and fun facts about that step. Can you match them all?

Medications Made From Plants

This Matching & Pairing Game has 3 columns. Can you match medication to the plant it's made from and what that plant and medication are used to treat?

Essential Amino Acids

This Matching & Pairing Game has 3 columns. Can you match the essential amino acid to some of the miraculous things it does to the pronunciation of that essential amino acid

Keep Away Critters

Instead of using harmful chemicals and pesticides to deter insects, squirrels and other rodents we use other plants. Can you match all the plants with the critters they keep away?

Digestive Parasites Everyone Has

Can you match the Digestive Parasite with that parasite's definitive characteristic?

Fundamentals of Frequency Medicine

In our Foodology tool kit we use frequency medicine to clean water, promote wound healing and rewrite DNA. Can you match each Fundamental of Frequency Medicine with its definition?

Setting Up Your Foodology Kitchen

When Setting Up Your Foodology Kitchen there are 5 Components we consider to increase our efficiency in the kitchen while reducing the amount of time we spend there. Can you match each components with that components definition?

Useful Kitchen Gadgets

In this matching game you'll find 12 of the kitchen gadgets we use the most in a Foodoogy Kitchen. Can you match each kitchen gadget with the description of that kitchen gadget?

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