Enjoy 4 hours after Breakfast. If you get hungry before have a Snack and remember Lunch is the size of your fist and a Snack is half the size.

Burrito: 7-Layer

This 7-Layer Burrito has beans, rice, plant-sirloin, melted plant-cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce and plant-sour cream.

Salad: Asparagus & Strawberry

Made with raw asparagus, fresh strawberries & mint drizzled with white truffle oil, sesame seeds, red chili flakes and sea salt make an elegant and refreshing salad.

Salad: One Love

Our signature One Love Salad is a mix of fresh vegetables and berries, dried fruits and seeds drizzled with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette makes a filling big salad.

Sandwich: ALT Sandwich

Avocado, lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes and plant-cheese pair with a balsamic plant-mayo on gluten-free bread made from a sourdough starter.

Sandwich: Bahn Mi

This classic Vietnamese sandwich gets a Foodology makeover on gluten-free bread made from a sourdough starter, marinated air fryer tofu, fresh cucumber, grated carrots, chopped cilantro and Sriracha plant-mayo.

Sandwich: Mushroom Cheesesteak

Mushrooms Confit with sauteed green bell peppers and red onions on gluten-free bread made from a sourdough starter with smoked plant-gouda topped with fresh sprouts.

Sandwich: Epic PB&J

Our Epic PB&J with made with all-natural peanut butter, ormus rich all-natural Concord grape jelly, fresh banana, chia seeds and our Healing Chocolate Sauce on gluten-free bread made from a sourdough starter.

Soup: French Leek & Miso

This our Foodology twist on the classic hearty French Onion Soup made with sauteed leeks and garlic with gluten-free croutons in a miso soup base topped with melted plant-mozzarella.

Tacos al Pastor

Al Pastor Tacos are a Mexican street food staple and our Foodology Tacos al Pastor made with young jackfruit in a fruity spicy savory tomato sauce with lacto-fermented red onion, fresh lime and cilantro on GMO free Organic corn tortillas will pass the test.

Pura VIda Foodology
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