Have you heard of Lectins? A quick internet search bombards you with thousands of links that read like a horror film summary

Plants Are Trying To Kill You!!! Coming out this summer from Sabian Films.

You thought salads were safe and avocados were a superfood but you were wrong!!! That benign looking produce stacked neatly at your local grocers' and the vine-ripened tomatoes growing in your back yard are plotting their revenge!! Watch your back because this summer your garden is rising up to drag you down to hell! Nowhere in nature is safe...

I was laughing so hard as I wrote this I totally peed a little. Coming to a theater near you! Hi-larious and certainly designed to trigger your cortisol, adrenaline and other stress hormones that trigger your sympathetic nervous system and paralyze you with the propaganda of fear Fear FEAR. Of course plants “can” kill you, I can kill you, a bus can kill you, too much good water can kill you, a toilet seat could fall from the sky and kill you. These are pretty vague statements and none of these are very likely. Plants certainly didn’t have meetings or set a reminder in their google calendars to come up with an organized plot against you or anything so malicious, salacious or intentional.

Yeah, there are plants that “can” kill you or make you really sick because plants create ways to protect themselves from being eaten before they can spread their seeds. Sometimes this is lectins (all plants) or an odor (mint, onion, garlic, allium plants) or thorns (brambles, roses, nopal, agave) or hard protective shell (nuts, corn, grains) or stinging hairs (nettles) or venom that paralyzes (very rare leopard lily) or waxy leaves (rubber fig, succulents).

Lectins are a toxin plants create (and all plants have them) to keep birds and insects and rodents from eating the plant to death. Because we (you) are larger creatures in size than most birds and insects and rodents, when we (you) eat lectins it triggers an inflammatory and auto-immune response. Chronic inflammation and repeatedly triggering your immunological systems weakens your immune systems which weakens your entire body and your body’s ability to get rid of foreign antigens or heal and repair itself. This leads to imbalances in your body, dis-ease, age-related decline and ultimately death.

That all sounds really scary if we end the story there because we’re not looking at the whole picture. If we ONLY look at what lectins “can” do, we ignore all the nutritional and health benefits of each plant, what lectins are, why plants make them and how to eat plants safely so we (you) don’t make ourselves (yourself) sick. Yes, lectins “can” kill you (if you eat enough of them consistently over a period of years) AND lectins are also 100% water soluble. That means, when you wash your fruits and vegetables, herbs, grains and beans and/or cook them in water you wash off 100% of the lectins. Bears, raccoons, wolves and even mice wash their plants in water before eating them which means that washing your food before you eat it is inherent knowledge. You already know this. You just have to remember.

Plants “can” kill you a lot like sticking your hand on a hot burner “can” burn you

Because a hot burner burns you if you put your hand on it doesn't mean stovetops are bad or fire is trying to kill you or that you should never cook your food or boil water ever again. You know fire and hot things “can” burn you so you take precautions like using oven mitts and not sticking your hand on a hot burner. This is really basic common sense that seems scary when we only have a piece of the picture and we're “imagining” all the possibilities of what “could” be.

Let’s break it down short and sweet: The Obstacle: naturally occurring lectins on ALL plants “can” make you sick and kill you. The Solution: wash your plants before eating them. The solution to any “obstacle” nature may present you is usually right next to that perceived “obstacle.” Toxins and the anti-toxins for those toxins often grow on the same plant. That’s it.

At Least Be As Smart As A Raccoon

...and wash your food before you eat it, please... Plants are in no way “trying” to kill you like the tired plot line of an 80s slasher flick... Plants don't have an agenda.

They just be Stayin’ Alive ♫♫♫ long enough to reproduce…

♫♫♫ and we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ ah, ah, ah, ah ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ♫♫♫

Yes, it is really that simple.

Lectins Are Water Soluble

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