Pizza is just a big open-faced sandwich and this gluten-free hand-press pizza crust is so easy a 5 year old can make it. There is zero kneading or spinning required. The most complicated part about making this pizza crust is activating the yeast. Then you literally mix everything in a bowl, cover it in plastic wrap in a warm place for the dough to rise then you pat it into whatever shape you want to whatever thickness you prefer. To pat the dough you dip your fingers in whole food living water to make the dough more pliable then parbake and dress it up to your liking. The recipe makes three 8-10″ rounds and we’ve played around with our toppings a bit and we usually drizzle them with our Pura Vida Habanero Agave Syrup. For this pizza dough you can add activated charcoal like we did in these photos or spirulina powder to really boost your pizza’s healing power. This Pizza Crust is an easy to make superfood full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, ALL your B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and essential amino acids.

Reduce acute and overall pain, accelerate wound healing and boost oxygen in your blood, organs and tissues. This Pizza is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging as well as reduces your cortisol and other stress hormones, reducing oxidative stress and boosting collagen. While you enjoy our Pizza you are boosting your immunological library, reducing your cholesterol, regulating your blood pressure, reducing respiratory inflammation and boosting your white blood cell count. Plus it actually improves your digestion, reduces symptoms of IBS and other digestive issues, detoxes your body, increases your vision, increases your blood circulation and other digestive issues, detoxes your body, increases your vision, increases your blood circulation and prevents against stroke, heart dis-ease, ALL chronic dis-eases and ALL cancers while reducing your risk of developing Alzheimers, dementia and Parkinson’s. Boost your neural health, boost your cognitive function, boost your memory retention, boost your concentration, improve your mental clarity, increase your focus, support your thyroid and decalcify your pineal gland. Our Hand-Press Pizza Crust makes you smarter, stronger, quicker, thinner and healthier.

Yes, Pizza with the right ingredients can do all that and more which are only some of the reasons why all of these ingredients are staples in my kitchen.

Let’s prepare some food…



2 cups Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour

1 1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

1 Instant Yeast Packet

1 cup Warm Whole Food Living Water (activate yeast)

2 tsp Raw Filtered Honey

2 tsp Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

1 tsp Xanthum Gum

1/2 tsp Guar Gum (omit if doing Spirulina dough)

1 tbsp GMO free Corn Flour

1/4 cup Tapioca Flour / Starch

1/2 tbsp Activated Charcoal or Spirulina (optional)

Spray Olive Oil

TOPPINGS always include

1/4 cup Sauce (Tomato, Pesto, Olive Oil, Cream…)

1 cup Plant-Mozzarella shredded

1/4 cup Plant-Parmesan shredded

1/4 cup Pineapple chunks

1/4 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

Pura Vida Habanero Agave Syrup* (garnish) optional



3 Baking Trays or Screens

Large Mixing Bowl

Large Mixing Fork

2+ cup Glass Measuring Cup

Rubber Spatula

Wooden Chopstick

Plastic Wrap

Small Ramiken for Water


1/2 Teaspoon

1/2 Tablespoon

¼ Cup


PREPARATION (Hand-Press Pizza Crust)

  1. Heat your Water to Warm NOT hot (too hot kills yeast & too cool won’t activate)

  2. Add Honey & Yeast packet contents to 2+ cup Glass Measuring Cup

  3. When Water is Warm add to 2+ cup Glass Measuring Cup

  4. Stir with Wooden Chopstick till Honey dissolves

  5. Set aside till Yeast doubles to the top of Glass Measuring Cup

  6. In Large Mixing Bowl add Gluten-Free Flour, Salt, Xanthum Gum,

  7. Guar Gum (omit if adding Spirulina), Corn Flour, Tapioca Flour & Activated Charcoal or Spirulina (if using)

  8. Mix thoroughly with Large Mixing Fork

  9. When Yeast doubles use Rubber Spatula to move all the Risen Yeast to Large Mixing Bowl

  10. Mix thoroughly with Large Mixing Fork until dough is formed & form into loose ball

  11. Wrap your Bowl with the Dough inside with Plastic Wrap all the way around the Bowl to create a seal where humidity can form

  12. Put Wrapped Bowl in a warm place for 1-2 hours so the Dough can double in size & moisten

  13. When Dough has doubled in size get 3 Baking Trays & Spray them with Olive Oil

  14. Get a Small Ramiken & fill it with Water to wet your fingers with when pressing Dough

  15. Unwrap your Bowl, grab 1/3 of the Dough & put it in Center of first Baking Tray

  16. Wet your fingers in the Ramiken of Water & start to press your Dough

  17. Start at the center of the Dough using your palm to press down the bulk of the Dough

  18. Dip your fingers in water as needed and press Dough out from center to the edge turning the Baking Tray as needed to form a circle or rectangle or triangular pizza or whatever shape

  19. Repeat for all 3 Baking Trays till you are out of Dough

  20. I like to crimp the edges of the Dough with my fingers or you can press a bigger edge

  21. Parbake Crust at 450° F for 7 minutes

  22. Remove from Oven & Spray tops of Crust with Olive Oil

  23. Transfer Dough to Screen ( I use the one in my Air Fryer All-In-One)

  24. Dress your Pizza Crust however you want & ALWAYS include Pineapple!

  25. Bake your Dressed Pizza at 410° F for 14 minutes on center rack

  26. Move Pizza to Top Rack & Broil for 3 minutes at 450° F for 3 minutes

  27. Remove from Oven, Cut, Drizzle with Pura Vida Habanero Syrup

  28. Eat and Enjoy because every bite nourishes your body

If you like this easy to make Hand-Pressed Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Recipe just click on the photo of our crust enriched with activated charcoal giving it a shiny black color as well as helping your body detox down to a cellular level pulling out heavy metals and radiation. Does your pizza do that?

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