Gluten Kills

Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. It is labeled under many pseudonyms and in the ingredients of many processed and prepared foods you would never think would have gluten in them like yogurt, salad dressing, sauces, corn chips, potato chips, whole oats, popcorn, “vegan meats,” deli meat, precooked meals, some wines, most beers and other hidden food products as well as the usual suspects such as bread, pizza and pasta.

Every human has a sensitivity to gluten. Gluten causes inflammation, disrupts hormones, crashes testosterone, destroys thyroid and thymus glands eventually crashing your entire endocrine system. Gluten slows neural connectivity literally gumming up your neural receptors, it slows your immunological systems and immunological response, gluten causes brain fog, depression, mood disorders, reduces fertility and is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Gluten destroys your digestive bacteria and all of these damages accumulate over time because like cigarettes, meat and radiation, Gluten is a foreign antigen your body treats as threat NOT food. Gluten makes you fatter, slower, weaker and causes chronic pain. This is not my opinion. This is just a fact.

Now, I know many of you are wondering why NOW? If we’ve eaten gluten for thousands of years why do we suddenly have a health crisis? Because, I wondered the same thing and we found several contributing factors starting with our increase of gluten consumption by over 1,000%, the spread of corporate agriculture that puts profits over you, government incentives to grow hybridized wheat and our history being rewritten by the technocracy. The shortest version is: the wheat, barley and rye people have eaten since the mid 1980s is a very different degraded version than the sparse amounts of wheat we consumed over the last million years. We did, however, consume a lot of pine needles…

By the mid 1990s gluten from hybridized wheat became the cheapest and most widely available thickener and baking flour available forcing everyone who cooks and is not independently wealthy into using it despite its decreased nutrition. Simultaneously, Food Product producers and sellers were not required to list it in their ingredients. Even with the best intentions most of us were exposed to levels of gluten over a million times higher than previous generations without our knowledge or consent.

Starting in the 1930s several natural resources and pHARMaceutical corporations started buying up farms from struggling families instituting corporate farming that destroys the land and is incentivized by government payouts to grow hybridized wheat and other crops. After the repeal of Prohibition beer brewers and distillers were also paid to make their libations from barley. Perviously, a wide variety of grains, grasses, vegetables, fruits and tubers were used in various combinations for over 15,000 years of brewing history with recipes guarded by armies and passed down in families for THOUSANDS of years.

Our history and the history of our food, where foods are indigenous to and the spread of food is becoming more and more fictitious. Here’s some fun facts: tomatoes are indigenous to northern Mexico and were believed to by poisonous by foreigners for over 300 years after they were first brought to Europe where they were grown as a decorative plants. Potatoes are indigenous to Peru where there are thousands of multi-colored species in varied shapes and sizes. These were believed to be poisonous by foreigners until the late 1700s over 200 years after they were first brought to Europe where they were grown as, you guessed it, decorative plants.

As a side note, “Russet Potatoes” (the most widely grown and sold “potatoes” in the realm taking up 70% of the market) are a trademarked engineered hybrid that are nearly three times the size as heirloom potatoes with less than half of the nutrition and twice the sugars. Russets under several pseudonyms were introduced as a monopoly in 1903 under the “propaganda” of a “vegetable that can withstand famine.” Conveniently, they forgot to mention how they affect your body and what they do to the soil where they are grown.

It has come to my attention there are several Food Product manufacturers selling a myth that gluten has been used to make vegan meats in China since the 1500s. This fictional alternative history was released in 2015 by the very companies that are manufacturing and selling these dangerous “Food Products.” The history of wheat and “vital wheat gluten” available on the internet today is very different than what I read in books when I was studying ancient human migratory patterns through the the cultivation of popular foods at Cambridge University.

Before you could just ask “Google,” I scoured through books, ancient manuscripts and microfiche in the same libraries that educated kings while palming pepper spray because, you know, library basements. Wheat is indigenous to a small region in what is now modern day Iran. Because it was difficult to grow, provided little nutrition, had a long growing cycle and was difficult to work with due to a large hard endosperm, wheat seeds were not valued until the 1970s. As such they were infrequently harvested, used, given, sold or brought on expeditions to foreign lands and when they did begin growing in foreign lands they were quickly discarded as a “nuisance grass” by the locals.

By the 1400s several ancient species of wheat had spread around Europe slowly making their way through Asia reaching western China in the mid 1800s. Did you know it was illegal to even grow wheat in Japan until the empire was stripped of power after WWII? Wheat was sparsely grown around north America until the 1970s when a hybridized wheat with an endosperm reduced by more than 80%, that grew in half the time, resistant to most pests and easier to work with at a fraction of the cost flooded the market.

The US government paid farmers to burn their crops and only grow this new “miracle wheat.” By the 1980s many large pharmaceutical and petroleum corporations had diversified into farms and food product manufacturing to hide their monopolies. By the 1990s these same corporations began amassing personal militaries and intelligence agencies and by the mid 2000s their rein of terror burning the crops and seed houses of farmers who refuse to submit to them was well known especially in countries most westerners think of as “poorer developing nations.”

In elitist economic double speak that means nations who have prioritized necessities like land to grow, seeds to grow with, clean air, water, health and education over amassing large caches of weapons, militaries weaned on single shooter video games and selling you the next i-phone through aggressive neural linguistic manipulation and inferior manufacturing. This implies the health and wellness of a nation’s citizens is ONLY valued by “developing nations” and a “poorer” nation is a nation that lacks unlimited consumer options for their “buyers,” er, citizens.

How is living in a toxic environment, hoarding toxic petroleum products, consuming engineered “Products” while scurrying in carcinogen generating weapons between home and work where everything is an obligation until you retire or die civilized? This is a legitimate question. How did this become our understanding of a first world developed nation? Of course, most of you already sold your image, opinion, personality and that of your children for likes and stalking high school crushes… soooooo… worth it? Right?

Hey, did you know that Facebook partnered with Google who is partnered with the largest human looking robot manufacturer in the realm that states on their website that they can make a robot who looks like anyone alive or dead? That’s a real thing. Maybe, the next time someone insists they know you and you know that’s not possible because you’ve never spent a summer in Siberia, they actually met a robot wearing your skin?

Even at the time I write this in 2022 there are corporate armies all over the realm forcing humans to grow their boss’s hybridized wheat and other toxic product “seeds.” These families are under threat of losing their land, their families and their lives. Everyday brave men and women stand up against corporate enslavement at great personal risk to continue to safeguard our heirloom seeds. Some of these seeds have been passed down for thousands of years and others have grown in some regions for millions. It is our responsibility and privilege to be stewards of our second most valuable resource.

When you have land to grow on and seeds to grow with you are already rich The only “developing” you need to do is growing a rich and diverse edible garden. Furthermore, if you’re not developing, growing, learning and changing doesn’t that just make you stagnant, stubborn and ignorant?

Prioritizing developing sustainable relationships creates the opportunity for you to become one of the stewards and protectors of this paradise we call earth. Once you master mimicking nature with minimal intrusion in your current environment than you are ready to explore a different environment. There is always something to learn especially when we close our mouths and open our ears.

It is a fact that Wheat and Gluten have been forced upon us since the 1970s. It is a fact that the Wheat and Gluten we know today are PRODUCTS companies created to sell to you to make you stupider, lazier, fatter. slower and weaker. It is a fact that Wheat and Gluten are NOT foods.

However, avoiding wheat and gluten does not mean you should not eat grains. Organic Gluten-Free Whole Grains are VERY important to your health regardless of what type of bio-organic body you have. Organic Gluten-Free Whole Grains are ESSENTIAL to stimulate the neurochemicals your brain needs to repair brain cells, build new brain cells, recall memories and form new memories. When you deprive your brain of ESSENTIAL Gluten-Free Whole Grains your brain starts to die causing a long list of health complications like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Yes, Keto is making you stupider.

Check out our website for delicious healing recipes that give your brain all the nutrients it needs and are so easy to make your third grader is about to become a gourmet chef. Below you will find synonyms for gluten used to mislead you the consumer, where you will most commonly find these ingredients and a list of ingredients used by Food Products manufacturers you’re just supposed to know have gluten. This is one of the many reasons you ALWAYS read ingredients lists. You are the only one responsible for your health.


Wheat common ingredient

Atta found in South Asian Cuisine

Barley base of most beers

Barley Grass sprouted found in juice shops, health stores & supplements

Bleached Flour found in most commercially used flour

Bran / Wheat Bran found in cereals, bars, prepackaged foods, hot cereal

Bread Flour used by many bakeries

Bulgar found in Middle Eastern Cuisine, India & Balkan States

Couscous processed wheat found in France & Maghrebi cuisine

Durum found in a lot of pasta

Ehmer / Emmer ancient Italian wheat

Einkorn ancient Italian wheat

Farina used in the USA, means “milled wheat” in Italian

Faro / Farro ancient Italian wheat

Fu found in Japanese processed foods

Gluten a part of Wheat, Rye and Barley grains

Graham graham crackers, cookies

Hordeum Vulare synonym for Barley

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein found in baked goods, beer, skin products, cosmetics

Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch found in baked goods, beer, skin products, cosmetics

Kamut ancient wheat

Malt found in many beverages

Matza / Matzo / Matzah unleavened flat bread common in Jewish cuisine

Orzo type of Italian pasta

Panko found in Japanese cuisine

Rye found in bread

Secale Cereale synonym for Rye

Seitan (pronounced Satan) found in a lot of “vegan meats”

Semolina found in a lot of pasta

Spelt ancient Italian wheat

Sprouted Wheat found in bread, tortillas, “health” food

Triga synonym for ancient Rye

Triticale found in various food products and beverages like bakery products, pasta, yogurt, edible film, etc.

Triticum synonym for Wheat

Triticum Spelta ancient Italian wheat

Udon found in a lot of Japanese cuisine

Vital Wheat Gluten found in a lot of “vegan meats”

Vulgare synonym for Barley

Wheat common ingredient

Wheat Flour found in granolas, cereals, cornbread

Wheat Germ found in granolas, cereals, cornbread, health food stores, supplements

Wheat Germ Extract found in granolas, cereals, cornbread, health food stores,


Wheat Germ Oil found in “vegan meats” & deli meats

Wheat Protein common thickener in prepared foods

Wheat Starch found in juice shops, health stores & supplements

Wheatgrass common health food & health food product

White Flour common ingredient

Whole Wheat common ingredient


Artificial Flavoring

Beers – Most



Deli Meat



Flour Tortillas

Hot Pockets

Hyrolyzed Plant Protein

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Instant Noodles

Instant Oats


Modified Food Starch

Modified Starch

Natural Flavor

Natural Flavoring





Potato Chips

Precooked Meats

Salad Dressing



Soy Sauce

Vegan Meats

Vegetable Starch

Vegetable Protein

Wines – Some

Yogurt – Some

Gluten Synonyms

This same page is available here as a downloadable PDF you can take with you everywhere even offline. This PDF also includes the above list of ALL 51 Synonyms for Gluten approved by the FDA to use on ingredients lists to confuse you and trick you into eating an inflammatory food that slowly kills you.

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