What Supplements Does The Doc Take Everyday?

People always want to know if I walk my talk and what supplements I take everyday. Asked and answered.

All Nine

All Nine Essential Amino Acids individually are amazing building blocks and together create all that is us.

12 Must Have Kitchen Supplies

There are so many kitchen supplies and gadgets out there with new ones coming out all the time but these are the 12 that do most of the heavy lifting.

What's In The Doc's Purse?

People keep asking me what items I keep in my purse and you might be surprised. Let's take a look inside...

Etymology of the Word Venom

Words like venom, snakes and serpents tend to trigger cortisol in the West because of a mistranslation.

Why Words Matter

Each word that we choose is part of a spell that we cast manifesting the Vibrational Etymology of words into "reality" and those are often different then how a word is used popularly.

Pura VIda Foodology
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