I love a good French Onion Soup but I wanted it healthier and made entirely with healing sustainable plants so I substituted leeks for the white onions and Miso Soup* for the beef broth plus a little plant-cheese and Gluten-Free Croutons* blend together into a warm hug for your insides that raises your vibration with its healing savory broth. Our fun twist on this French classic makes this French Leek and Miso Soup a superfood full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, all your Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and ALL 9 Essential Amino Acids as well as being a rich source of iodine.

This French Leek and Miso Soup satiates while boosting your energy, increasing your fat burning, releasing any stored fat and helping you loose weight as well as lowering your cholesterol, removing arterial plaque, building lean muscle, boosting your athletic performance and boosting your athletic recovery. Reduce acute and overall pain, increase your muscle recovery, repair any damaged muscle tissue, accelerate wound healing and boost oxygen in your blood, organs and tissues.

Our French Leek and Miso Soup is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging as well as boosting anandamide, dopamine and serotonin while simultaneously reducing cortisol and other stress hormones, reducing oxidative stress and boosting collagen. While indulge in this rich cheesy soup boost your immunological library, reduce your cholesterol, regulate your blood pressure, reduce respiratory inflammation and boost your white blood cell count.

This French Leek and Miso Soup is high in probiotics that actually improve your digestion, detox your body, detox heavy metals, improve insulin sensitivity, protect against diabetes as well as manage and treat diabetes, increase eyesight, increase blood circulation and blood oxygen levels as well as prevent against stroke, heart dis-ease, ALL chronic dis-eases and ALL “cancers” i.e. toxins/foreign antigens while reducing risk of developing Alzheimers, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Strengthen your bones, prevent joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis while strengthening your nails and hair while enjoying this French Leek and Miso Soup. Boost your neural health, boost your cognitive function, boost your memory retention, boost your concentration, improve your mental clarity and increase your focus.

Our French Leek and Miso Soup makes you smarter, stronger, quicker, thinner and healthier. Yes, Soup can do all that and more which are only some of the reasons why all of these ingredients are staples in my kitchen.

Let’s prepare some food…


1 cup Sautéed Leeks & Garlic* (divided)

4 Large Gluten-Free Croutons* (divided)

2 cups Healing Miso Soup* (divided)

1/2 cup Plant-Mozzarella shredded (divided)

1/4 cup Plant-Parmesan shredded (divided)

Smoked Paprika (garnish)


Air Fryer or Oven

4 Oven-Safe Bowls

1/4 Cup

1/2 Cup


PREPARATION (French Leek & Miso Soup)

  1. Add Sautéed Leeks & Garlic* evenly to the bottom of all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls

  2. Add Healing Miso Soup* evenly to all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls

  3. Add a Large Gluten-Free Crouton to all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls

  4. Sprinkle Plant-Mozzarella evenly over all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls

  5. Sprinkle Plant-Parmesan evenly over all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls

  6. Sprinkle the tops of all 4 Oven-Safe Bowls with Smoked Paprika

  7. Bake all 4 Oven Safe Bowls in Air Fryer or Oven for 17 minutes at 350 F

  8. Remove Bowls from Air Fryer or Oven when Plant-Cheese is melty

  9. Eat and Enjoy right away because every bite nourishes your body

Click on the image to download this same recipe as a PDF you can take with you anywhere. This is one of my favorite hearty soups with all the building blocks my body needs to make adult stem cells.

Sauteed Leeks & Garlic

We love having leeks and garlic sauteed up and ready to go in the fridge for last minute pasta, rice, wrap, pizza or base for a delicious soup like we're using here.

Gluten-Free Croutons

This is how we make Gluten-Free Croutons. With our French Leek & Miso Soup we want our croutons to be really dry so they can soften during cooking instead of just falling apart.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup is like a warm hug for your insides and ridiculously easy to make plus it has all the building blocks your body needs to make adult stem cells.


It shreds, it melts, we make it in the blender with a few simple ingredients.

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