Learning Should Be Fun

we made these Crossword Puzzles to help discover elements about Foodology that make you think and promote memory retention

15 Common Herbs & Spices

In every Foodology Kitchen there are lots of Herbs & Spices. Discover 15 of the common herbs & spices we use the most in this fun crossword puzzle.

4 Elements To Grow

Discover elements to help your garden and all your plants thrive based off the 4 Elements all plants need .

9 Essential Amino Acids

These 9 Essential Amino Acids are why we eat and the building blocks your body needs to build adult stem cells. Learn about these amazing amino acids in this crossword.

Perfect Foods

Perfect Foods are foods that have all 9 of our Essential Amino Acids. In this crossword discover some of our favorite foods that are also perfectly nutritious for your body

14 Factors That Make Up The Perfect Dish

From prep work to clean up discover the 14 Factors that craft the perfect dish


Solve this puzzle and discover elements of Frequency Medicine and Vibrational Etymology used in Foodology including Pitch, Harmonics, Notes, Color, Tone & Frequency

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