5 Minute Cheese Sauce

Made with coconut milk, nutritional yeast, garlic and seasoning whisk into a rich creamy cheese-y sauce that's great for last minute mac & cheese to hot cheese dip

Classic Beschemel

Our healing healthy Foodology Beschemel is made the same way you make a classic Beschemel just with Plant-Butter, Gluten-Free Flour and Organic B-Corp Soy Milk

Mornay Sauce

Just like an animal based Mornay Sauce our healing healthy Foodology Mornay Sauce is our Classic Beschemel with plant based cheese

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Movie theater Nachos with spicy pickled jalapeños over salty corn chips is a guilty pleasure. So... we made one that tastes decadent and even helps clear arterial plaque... I'm thinking Breakfast Nachos?..

Pura VIda Foodology
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