This simple pasta demonstrates how important quality ingredients are. The intoxicating aroma of fresh purple or elephant garlic crushed and minced blooming in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on low heat in a cast iron skillet with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt…

The sweet acidity of the cherry tomatoes harmonizing with the delicate spice and minty-ness of the fresh basil in contrast with earthiness of the truffle, smokiness of the saffron and heat of the red pepper flakes balanced with the creamy umami acidity of the parmesan…

I first made this dish in Berlin for a bunch of Chef friends after falling in love with so many beautiful ingredients at the farmer’s market down the street from my flat. They kept insisting I must have done something else to make it taste so good, added something I wasn’t telling them. They kept telling me it couldn’t be so simple but it is this simple.

Simple, whole ingredients free of GMOS, refined sugars, gluten, carcinogens and animal products. After a big plate of this pasta you will feel satiated, energized and ready for your next challenge. Yes, simple can still give us the vitamins, minerals and amino acids our bodies need as well as impressing any Chef friends.

This light and filling pasta is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti parasitic. It boosts heart health, brain function and immunological libraries. Its full of antioxidants, prevents cancer, helps maintains strong bones, repairs bones and bone tissue, prevents against heart disease, heart attacks and other heart conditions, strengthens hair, skin and teeth, supports kidneys and decreases kidney stones, helps regulate blood sugar, reduces osteoporosis, hydrates cells, balances electrolytes, aides in blood clotting, controls bleeding, aides digestion, prevents gastrointestinal issues, reduces constipation, regulates bowels, lowers hypertension, increases circulation, prevents diabetes, treats existing diabetic conditions, lowers cholesterol, protects skin from sunburn and sun damage and protects skin against UV-induced erythema, reduces damage caused by smoking or being around smoking, protects your body from carcinogens and repairs damage caused by carcinogens.

This pasta is full of chromium, calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, strengthen eyes, Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, zinc, potassium, calcium, thiamine, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, protein, chlorine, sulfur and lycopene. As well as being a natural antiperspirant, detoxifying the body, detoxifying heavy metals from cells, filtering liver, protect liver from cirrhosis, boosts rapid cell replacement, increase cognitive function, burn fat and loosing weight 30% faster with increased production of Carnitine amino acid are just a few of the reasons why these ingredients should be staples in your kitchen.

Let’s prepare some food…

INGREDIENTS for 4 humans

1 box Black Soy Spaghetti

4 cloves Garlic minced

2 tbsp Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ tsp Himalayan pink salt

1 cup Cherry Tomatoes halved

½ cup Basil chiffonade

1/8 cup Parmesan plant-based

1 tbsp Truffle Oil (optional)

Pinch Saffron (optional)

½ tsp Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

1 tsp Chia Seeds


Medium Pot with Lid (boil pasta)

Large Saucepan


Wooden Spoon or Spatula

Pasta Spoon

½ tsp

1 tbsp

1/8 Cup

½ Cup

1 Cup

PREPARATION (Black Soy Spaghetti)

  1. Boil water

  2. Cook pasta as instructed on box

  3. Strain pasta

  4. Rinse cooked pasta with cold water till ALL pasta is cold

  5. Add Olive Oil, Garlic & Salt to Large Saucepan on medium-low heat to bloom garlic

  6. Add tomatoes

  7. Mix

  8. Add cooked rinsed pasta

  9. Add Chia Seeds

  10. Mix

  11. When pasta is re-heated remove from heat

  12. Add Saffron and Red Pepper Flakes and mix (optional)

  13. Serve in pasta bowl or dinner plate

  14. Add Basil, plant-Parmesan, Truffle Oil (optional) & pinch Himalayan Pink Salt

  15. Eat and enjoy because each bite nourishes your body

I don't have a PDF of this recipe yet for you to download and I'll get one done and posted up here as soon as I have time. Eat and Enjoy!

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