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Every recipe in Foodology is ALWAYS gluten-free, GMO free, refined sugar free, pasteurization free and animal free made with 100% healing plants.

Amuse Busche Tofu lollipop with raspberry and raw cacao sauces. Paired with Cranberry Ginger Tonic.

Charcuterie Board Pepperoni, salami, tofu satay, mozzarella, lavender “goat” cheese, bleu cheese, walnuts, grapes and crostini for the table to share. Paired with frozen Matcha Juniper Sour.

Asparagus Salad  Chilled asparagus salad with strawberry, mint, and red pepper flakes drizzled with truffle oil, aged balsamic and Himalayan Pink Salt. Paired with Grapefruit Thyme Cooler.

Crab Cakes Panko encrusted hearts of palm and garbanzo beans with horseradish remoulade and black caviar. Paired with virgin Sazerak with Peychaud bitters.

Cesar Salad Pizza mini hand-pressed gluten-free spirulina pizza with cesar dressing, mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato,  parmesan, pineapple and red chili flakes topped with cesar salad. Paired with virgin Sangria.

Blackberry Tofu Medallions marinated air fryer tofu bites with garlic mashed potatoes, blackberry beurre rouge and black caviar. Paired with Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade.

Truffle Mac & Cheese mushroom and cheddar stuffed ravioli drizzled with mornay sauce, white diamond truffle oil and crispy tofu pancetta. Paired with grapefruit soda.

Tahitian Tofu Medallions marinated and air fried drizzled with Tahitian vanilla mornay and chopped walnuts. Paired with Horchata shaken cold served up.

Watermelon Pizza fresh watermelon topped wth fig ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mixed nuts drizzled with raw cacao chocolate sauce. Paired with frozen watermelon.

Creme Brulee lavender, chocolate mint, silken tofu, coconut cream and sucanat. Paired with lavender mint tea.

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