Who doesn’t love a good ALT Sandwich? Avocado, Lettuce, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes and Smoked Plant-Gouda on gluten-free sourdough bread. This simple sandwich is a Team Lite favorite because it easy to make, easy to share and hits all the right spots. Plus, this sandwich is full of vitamins, minerals and all 9 Essential Amino Acids to help you loose weight, increase fat burning, release stored fat, lower cholesterol, remove arterial plaque, reduce bloating and gas, build lean muscle, boost your athletic performance, boost your athletic recovery, reduce your pain, boost wound healing, increase your muscle recovery, repair damaged muscle tissue and boost oxygen in your blood, organs and tissues as well as being an antioxidant superfood.

Our ALT Sandwich is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging as well as boosting your anandamide, dopamine and serotonin while simultaneously reducing your cortisol and other stress hormones, reducing your oxidative stress and repairing cell damage. While you improve your mental health, take an extra big bite of this sandwich to boost your immunological library, reduce your cholesterol, regulate your blood pressure, reduce respiratory inflammation, reduce asthma symptoms, prevent asthma, reduce bruising and boost your white blood cell count.

This sandwich is high in probiotics that actually improve your digestion, detox your body down to a cellular level, improve your insulin sensitivity, protect you against developing diabetes as well as manage and treat diabetes. Detox your body, detox heavy metals, filter your liver, protect your liver from cirrhosis, increase your blood circulation and your blood oxygen levels as well as prevent against stroke, heart dis-ease, ALL chronic dis-eases and ALL cancers while improving your vision, preventing and treating Alzheimers, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Boost rapid cell replacement, strengthen your nails, hair and bones, prevent joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis while boosting your neural health, boosting your cognitive function and improving your memory. Our healing ALT Sandwich makes you smarter, stronger, quicker, thinner and healthier. Yes, a sandwich can do all that and more which are only some of the reasons why all of these ingredients are staples in my kitchen.

Let’s prepare some food…


2 slices Gluten-Free Sourdough Schar Bread

Pura Vida Healing Plant-Mayo*

4 slices Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

1/2 Avocado sliced

2 slices smoked Plant-Gouda

2-4 Lettuce or Spinach leaves

1 tsp Garlic powder

1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

Cracked Black Pepper (to taste)


Air Fryer or Oven (warm up bread)

Cutting Board

Chefs Knife

Butter Knife

Teaspoon (optional)


  1. Cover inside of of both slices of Bread with Plant-Mayo

  2. Put in Air Fryer or Oven Face-Up

  3. Bake at 350 F for 4-6 minutes; you want to warm the Bread NOT toast the Bread

  4. While Bread is warming, prepare your Tomatoes, Avocado and Lettuce Leaves

  5. Remove Bread from Air Fryer or Oven

  6. Top with slices of Smoked Plant-Gouda

  7. Add Lettuce Leaves on top of Smoked Plant-Gouda

  8. Add Avocado slices on top of Lettuce

  9. Sprinkle HALF the Salt and HALF the Garlic Powder on top

  10. Add Tomato Slices

  11. Sprinkle remaining Salt and Garlic powder on top of Tomato slices

  12. Sprinkle fresh Cracked Black Pepper to taste

  13. Close Sandwich

  14. Cut in Half

  15. Eat and enjoy because every bite nourishes your body

Click the image of this delicious ALT Sandwich to download a PDF you can take with you anywhere all for free.

Balsamic Plant-Mayo

This Balsamic Plant-Mayo is so easy to make. We do it in the blender with whole plant ingredients that give your body all the building blocks your body needs to make adult stem cells.

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