One of my favorite desserts has always been Tiramisu. It’s so decadent, luxurious and delicate obviously, I had to create a vegetarian 100% plant-based version that was free of GMOs, free of refined sugar, gluten free, good for our health and tasted like a reward while honoring the spirit in which it was created. The original recipe is credited to the madam of an early 19th century Treviso brothel created as a decadent reward and aphrodisiac for the madam’s patrons. I created this recipe is a far less salacious way. I wanted to surprise someone who is very important to me on their birthday with their favorite dessert and none of the guilt. The first time I had this dessert it was served on a bed of caramel and Kahlua with the lady fingers soaked in espresso, a layer of mascarpone and a layer of sweetened heavy whipped cream and it was the most decadent dessert I had every seen or tasted in my 16 years. After my first bite I remember thinking this must be what heaven tastes like immediately followed by the voice of my wrestling coach reminding me how many crunches for every bite I was too weak to resist. Times have certainly changed. These days Tiramisu has become a sort of staple in our home.

For this Tiramisu I chose simple whole ingredients that offer a host of health benefits, taste really good, are easy to find and easy to work with as well as creating a recipe that is so easy to make anyone can make it even if you’re signature dish is toast.

This decadent tiramisu is full of antioxidants, reduces risk of heart attack, reduces stress, decreases cortisol, boosts your mood, increases dopamine and anandamide, reduces inflammation, protects against cancer, type 2 diabetes and stroke, improves memory, prevents cognitive decline, increases muscular strength and endurance, increases circulation, reduces pain and increases athletic performance. It’s also full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B2, Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber, protects heart, boosts immunological library, prevents disease, boosts blood oxygen levels, regulates blood sugar, increases sexual hormones in men, balances hormones, heals prostate cancer, increases alertness and energy and increases brain health as well as being a probiotic, helping you loose weight, aide digestion, prevent anemia, boost collagen production, cure acne, improve skin health, boost metabolism, reduce anxiety, lower cholesterol, boost healing, stimulate cellular growth, reverse cirrhosis, treat respiratory infections, relieve sore throat and cough and supports central nervous system.

If that’s not enough, this tiramisu is also antibacterial, prevents tissue and cellular degradation, regulate bowels, controls balance of body fluids, prevents hemorrhoids, regulates blood pressure, prevents muscular tissue damage, removes pathogens, detoxes the body, increases hydration, improves sleep function, increases energy and fights tooth decay all while giving you a longer healthier life are only some of the reasons why these ingredients should be staples in your kitchen.

Let’s prepare some food…


1/2 box Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers or Lady Fingers 1/2 cup Kahlua, Coffee, Espresso or Chicory
4 cups Coconut Cream chilled & separated
1/4 cup Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract Pinch Himalayan pink salt

Cacao powder to garnish


Large Mixing Bowl
Large Fork
8×8 Baking Dish or Springform pan Rubber Spatula
Baking Dish (soak cookies in)


  1. Put coconut cream in refrigerator to solidify and separate the water out
  2. Make a layer of cookies on bottom of baking dish, break some up to fill in gaps
  3. Cover with Kahlua, coffee, espresso or chicory
  4. Once cookies have absorbed liquid mix up and pat down to create bottom layer of tiramisu
  5. Do this process twice or for however many cookie layers you would like in tiramisu
  6. In large bowl add solidified coconut cream, maple syrup, salt and vanilla
  7. Mix with Large Fork until smooth and thickened (this can also be done in mixer or blender)
  8. Layer soaked cookies with coconut cream mixture
  9. Top with dusted cacao powder
  10. Refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours
  11. When firm, cut and dust with a bit more cacao powder
  12. Enjoy guilt free because every bite nourishes your body

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