How can by simply adjusting what you eat be the best solution to vibrant health?

By Eating Mostly Plant-Based, Complete/Live Wholefoods...

Live Nutrition

By using live/wholefood plant-based ingredients you are giving your body the tools it needs to heal properly and completely

Quality Ingredients

By using all quality wholefood ingredients you can make everything you eat your medicine

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Reach out for support via online, phone or email. Dr. AvatarNirvana is always available to help guide you on your path to vibrant health
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Thanks to the Internet and technology today getting in contact with your Doctor is never easier. Now getting the results you have been looking for have never been easier.


Our focus is always directing you to and educating on only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources. I always recommend growing it yourself.


24/7 Emergency Support Available. Should it be a life threatening emergency contact 911 or your local authorities.

About Dr. AvaNirvana

I learned to prepare food out of necessity to feed my siblings and  other young children in the neighborhood when I was barely in double digits myself. For the first couple years I made a lot of pasta marinara, burritos, quesadillas and toaster oven pizzas then I got invited into the kitchen at the bar where my mom cocktailed. These tattooed misfits invited me into their world and taught me how to use a knife, a deep fryer and everything on their bar menu. As my world continued to grow I fell in love with the ballet and alchemy of combining flavors, aroma, textures, colors and how different ingredients felt energetically and felt when I ate them.

I was invited into the kitchens of world class Chefs on three continents to apprentice at their side and learn from these masters while simultaneously earning multiple degrees in immunology, virology, naturopathic medicine and behavioral medicine. My fascination with how bodies work developed at an early age driven by a passion for knowledge that brought me to study and apprentice with a variety of practitioners from Cambridge to Amazonian shamans. I traveled the world preparing food for the 1%ers and administering health care to their employees at underground clinics after hours. In my 30s I was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer only previously seen posthumously. Despite my prognosis I healed my body from an “incurable” cancer even rewriting my DNA with a combination of natural food medicine and behavioral medicine. I was told I was a miracle by cancer specialists around the world yet I felt like anyone could

Lavender Oil is used daily by our staff and recommended highly to all our clients and patients as you first defense against infections, bacteria and other unwanted pathogens.

do what I did. It just takes dedication, discipline an honesty. The secret to great health isn’t a secret. It’s based on the core concept of Clean Air, Clean Living Water, Clean Sustainable Food, Clean Sustainable Energy, Clean Sustainable Structures and abundance for all. I know when you are dedicated, disciplined and honest you can heal yourself from anything because that is what your body is designed to do. My purpose is to empower you with all the information you need to heal your body, your spirit, accomplish your health goals, take back control of your health and transform your life.


Stay Tuned More Products Coming Soon!

Muscle Salve

Relieve sore muscles and inflammation while increasing flexibility, circulation and mobility with this non-greasy all-natural Organic plant-based formula that is 10,000 times more concentrated than any other Muscle Salve on the market without burning your skin or staining your hands and clothes. It also makes your skin silky soft and detoxes your body pulling heavy metals out through your skin.


Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream

Are you ready to take the challenge to erase years off your face? Order a jar of Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream today. When your Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream arrives start by taking a selfie with a clean bare face (you will do this everyday for 30 days) then apply a generous amount around eyes and any visible wrinkles you wish to diminish …


Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment

Passed down for hundred of years this powerful little ointment heals skin on a topical and molecular level using only the best Organic GMO-free medical-grade ingredients. With regular use the Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment heals your skin while also leaving it silky soft. Pick up a jar of Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment and let your scars fade away…

Support Team

Dr. AvaNirvana is commited to guiding you the most vibrant health possible, using all plant based nutrition and wholefood ingredients in every highly nutritional and tasty meal you create. Jeff-Louis is our permaculture, bio-structure, living water and sustainability expert. We are both available 24/7 for emergencies. Available normally Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 6pm PST.

Dr. AvaNirvana C. Perez, CEO

MD, NP, PhD, & Master Foodologist

My name is Dr. AvatarNirvana C. Perez and I am a Foodologist for Pura Vida Health & Wellness Centers Worldwide with more than 20 years experience. I am an accomplished MD, Chef, Foodologist, Sommelier, Singer and Healer. I enjoy using my skills assissting people transform their health and lives. I earned PhDs in immunology, virology and behavioral phsychology from Cambridge in 1999, completed my N.D. from Bastyr in 2005 and a Masters in neural linguistic from Dartmouth in 2011. After curing myself from an incurable brain cancer I moved away from alopathic medicine focusing on Foodology and making food our medicine.

Simon Vlass, VP

Foodology Apprentice, Bioculturist

I grew up on the farm, dairy farm to be exact and I learned how important whole foods grown and produced yourself by hand is important to vibrant health. Now that I've learned about the toxic effects of Gluten and Meat I have never felt better in my life. I am committed to helping Dr. Ava get this amazing knowledge out of her head and to the world and never been more excited to finally be apart of something life changing and so positive.

Heather R. Weiss, CFO

Foodology Apprentice, Bioculturist

Since I started learning about how to make what I eat my medicine and healing I have never felt better. Thanks to Dr. Ava the recipes are so fast and easy. i never thought I would become a master in the kitchen, now I feel I can be.

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Making Food Your Medicine Testimonials
C. Gutmann

C. Gutmann


"I have no regrets! After using your concepts my health skyrocketed! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

S. Douglas

S. Douglas

Independent Artist

"Your products are truly upstanding and I am behind your products and methods in the kitchen 100 percent."

G. Vickery

G. Vickery


"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with your teachings. Dr. Ava, your methods are great! I will refer everyone I know."


Make food your medicine.

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