How can simply adjusting what you eat be the best solution to vibrant health?

By Eating Mostly Plant-Based, Complete/Live Whole Foods...

Live Nutrition

By using live/whole food plant-based ingredients in Foodology you are giving your body all the building blocks it needs to make adult stem cells so you can heal properly and completely

Quality Ingredients

By using all quality whole food ingredients the right way you make everything you eat your medicine stopping dis-ease before it starts

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Reach out for support via online, phone or email. Dr. AvatarNirvana is available to help guide you on your path to vibrant health
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Thanks to the Internet and technology today getting in contact with your Doctor directly is now possible. Finally getting the results you have been looking for have never been easier.


Our focus is always directing you to and educating you on only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources. I always recommend growing it yourself to be 100% sure.


24/7 Emergency Support Available. Should it be a life threatening emergency contact 911 or your local authorities.

About What We Do

I can’t cure you. No one can. Anyone who tells you different is selling you something. Even if I could simply snap my fingers, wiggle my nose or concentrate my manifestations to cure you, I would not. Your choices are why you are in the health you are in and it is your choices that have the power to change your health. If I just snap my fingers, what’s to stop you from making the same choices that got you here in the first place? We have ZERO interest in making you dependent on us or on anyone else. We want to empower you with the secrets of your miraculous body that have been hidden from you for centuries.

You do NOT have to buy complicated expensive machines, modalities, treatments or supplements. There are ones we recommend that will help you get results faster but you don’t have to buy any machines, modalities, treatments or supplements to get results. You can also transform your health and quality of life with JUST food that anyone EVEN on an EBT budget can afford. Any machines, modalities, treatments or supplements we recommend will just get you there faster like driving to the grocery store will get you there faster than walking. Ultimately, you end up at the same destination. How fast you get there is up to you.

What exactly is it we do then? We give you the tools and the knowledge of how to cure yourself of anything, how to never get sick, how to get rid of harmful radiation poisoning, how to rewrite your DNA, the secret to immortality, the secrets of how your miraculous body functions and Foodology recipes of all your favorite foods perfectly balanced to boost your body’s adult stem cell production. We’ve got your back but you have to actually do the work. This ultimately comes down to the choices you make. The choice to pursue knowledge, the choice to accept help, the choice to make yourself a priority, the choice to make time for yourself, the choice to nourish your body with real whole foods, the choice to clean your body of harmful bacterias, yeasts, molds, fungi and parasites. All of the choices are yours. We’re here to help you along the path.

So, you’re probably wondering where to start or what to do first. You’ve got options. We recommend everyone start with reading The Basics found on our menu under Start Here. The Basics is a short read with pictures you can download from our website that give you an introduction to how your very complicated and miraculous body works. From there you have the choice to start one of our detox protocol recommendations, stop eating gluten, stop eating animal flesh and start enjoying our easy to make and delicious recipes that make you feel amazing. You have the choice to Adopt An Attitude of Gratitude, take our 365 Day Selfie Challenge or consult with us to get your questions answered and an in-depth personal Wellness Plan. You’ll find a complete list of the services we offer on the Services page of our website.

If you’re just looking for a “magic pill” the closest we’ve found is StemEnhance by Cerule. These capsules have decades of research behind them available to the public on Cerule’s website and they give your body what it needs to build more adult stem cells. Your body already makes adult stem cells. If it didn’t, you’d be dead. What happens is, over the age of 25 your body has more toxins (foreign antigens) to neutralize and expel than the amount of building blocks your body is getting to build adult stem cells.

Lavender Oil is used daily by our staff & recommended highly to all our clients & patients as you first defense against infections, bacteria & other unwanted pathogens. Never leave home without your Lavender Shield!

As a result, you have the same amount of adult stem cells trying to do 10 times, 100 times the work as they were 10 years ago, 30 years ago, etc. This is referred to in allopathic medicine as the “natural process of aging” we observe in greying, thinning and receding hair, wrinkles, crow’s feet, double eyelid, under eye bags, skin discoloration, back pain, joint pain, unexplainable pain, chronic inflammation, digestive issues, “cancer” i.e. toxins (foreign antigens), dis-ease and on and on and on. The solution to a long slow cellular decay seems pretty obvious: you need more adult stem cells than toxins (foreign antigens) in your body. There are several ways you can accomplish this depending on your budget, time and resources. Foodology is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your body’s natural adult stem cell production by doing something you do everyday anyway: EAT. Yes, it really is that simple.

You “can” enhance all the basic principles and recipes that make up Foodology with a few key supplements or not. Ultimately, you’ll get to the same destination and it is only when you change harmful behaviors that you are really free.

Regardless of how much you choose to invest in yourself, everyone should download and fill out our New Client Form then fill it out our Client Follow-Up Assessment Form every 6 months. We recommend you do this for your records so you can track your progress even if you never show them to anyone else.

Are you ready? Ready to get started? Are you ready to transform your relationship with food? Ready to transform your life? Ready to accept you have been lied to about how your body works and what you’re body is really capable of? Ready to accept responsibility for your power as a creator? Ready to actualize your avatar?

Here’s your first choice: Red pill or Blue?


Stay Tuned More Products Coming Soon!

Muscle Salve

Relieve sore muscles and inflammation while increasing flexibility, circulation and mobility with this non-greasy all-natural Organic plant-based formula that is 10,000 times more concentrated than any other Muscle Salve on the market without burning your skin or staining your hands and clothes. It also makes your skin silky soft and detoxes your body pulling heavy metals out through your skin.

Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream

Are you ready to take the challenge to erase years off your face? Order a jar of Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream today. When your Wrinkle Cream/Eye Cream arrives start by taking a selfie with a clean bare face (you will do this everyday for 30 days) then apply a generous amount around eyes and any visible wrinkles you wish to diminish …

Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment

Passed down for hundred of years this powerful little ointment heals skin on a topical and molecular level using only the best Organic GMO-free medical-grade ingredients. With regular use the Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment heals your skin while also leaving it silky soft. Pick up a jar of Incredible Boo-Boo Ointment and let your scars fade away…

Support Team

Dr. AvatarNirvana is committed to guiding you to the most vibrant health possible, using all plant based nutrition and whole food ingredients in every highly nutritional and tasty meal you create to maximize adult stem cell production. Jeff-Louis is our permaculture, bio-structure, living water and sustainability expert. We are both available 24/7 for emergencies. Available normally Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 6pm PST.

Dr. AvatarNirvana, CEO

MD, NP, PhD, & Master Foodologist

With more than 35 years hands-on experience, I am an accomplished Foodologist, Advisor, Chef, Sommelier, Singer, Researcher and Healer. I started with the allopathic route then switching to natural medicine neither of which were able to help me when I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor the size of a grapefruit attached to my prefrontal cortex, pineal gland, pituitary gland and optic nerve. Three months after checking myself into a cancer care research facility I checked myself out with zero tumors and zero traces of any cancer down to a genetic level. Using what we now call Foodology I had "cured" myself of a "cancer" previously only seen posthumously, rewrote my DNA and have continued to rebuild all of my organs to those of child including my skin and restoring my natural blonde hair. Years later after meeting my partner we realized that together we had a guide to heal any dis-ease, prevent any dis-ease and the secret to immortality. It's free here on the website because I want you to be empowered to be independent instead of dependent on me or anyone else. Of course if you have questions or want a more detailed personalized plan check out our Services page.

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"I have no regrets! After using your concepts my health skyrocketed! I couldn't have asked for more than this."

S. Douglas

S. Douglas

Independent Artist

"Your products are truly upstanding and I am behind your products and methods in the kitchen 100 percent."

F. Avila

F. Avila

Artist, Father, Grandfather

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with your teachings. Dr. Ava, your methods are great! I will refer everyone I know."


Make food your medicine.

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